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Sedería la Nueva S. A. de C. V. (SELANUSA), with address located at Street Regina No. 32-A floor 2, Suburb Centro México City Area 8, Cuauhtémoc Delegation, C.P. 06080, Ciudad de Mexico, is responsible for collecting your personal data, as well as the use and protection thereof. No sensitive data is collected from the user.

The person responsible for Data Protection is our Information Technology Department, which is located at the same address mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can contact him when required by email: [email protected]

One of SELANUSA's priorities is to respect the privacy of our users and keep the information and other personal data that it collects from the user secure.

Also, SELANUSA will inform the user what type of data it collects, how it stores it, and the purpose of maintaining a file, as well as how it protects it, the scope of our confidentiality commitment and the rights that SELANUSA has as the owner of the information.


SELANUSA advises you that your personal information will be used only so that the owner can make his purchases, the delivery of his order is made, in case of contacting the owner about a matter related to his order, also to know his tastes or preferences and thus evaluate the quality of our service, as well as to inform you about the products, promotions and news that SELANUSA offers through the newsletter (e-Newsletter).


For the aforementioned purposes, we need to obtain from you, the following information for Billing and Gender, Full Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Date of Birth and in the case you have a job, we require the name of the company for which Prest your services.

You, by entering the required data which are not sensitive, to our website is the / the owner who is fully responsible for the veracity of these, and therefore, is also fully responsible for any crime or fraudulent activities pursued by the authority, related to untrue personal information entered on our site, separating Selanusa and its companies from compensation and / or claims of any kind.

The fields marked with an asterisk, with the legend "Required", require a mandatory response, otherwise, you will not be able to continue with our registration process.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent through our website to your browser, and are stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies detect your preferences each time you connect to our website services. Cookies, in turn, track certain behaviors or activities carried out by you within our site.

In some sections of our website, we require that you have cookies enabled, since some of the functionalities require them to work. Cookies allow us to:

a) recognize the moment you enter our site so that we can offer you a personalized experience,

b) know the personal configuration of the site specified by you, for example, cookies allow us to detect the bandwidth that you have selected when entering the home page of our site, and in this way we know what type of information it is advisable to download

c) calculate the size of our audience and measure some traffic parameters, since each browser, when entering our site, acquires a cookie and this is used to determine the frequency of use and the most visited sections of the site, thus reflecting their habits and preferences. This information is useful to us to improve content, headlines and promotions for you.

Cookies, in turn, help us to track activities such as, for example, in online surveys that we launch, we can use cookies to detect if the user has completed the survey and thus avoid displaying it again. However, cookies will allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial features that we offer, so we recommend that you leave them activated.

Enabling cookies will not be used to identify users, except in cases where possible fraudulent activities are investigated.

In our notification program for promotions, offers and services via email, only SELANUSA has access to the information collected. This type of advertising is carried out through notices and promotional messages via email, which will only be sent to you and those contacts registered for that purpose. You can modify the indication at any time. In the emails sent by SELANUSA, offers from third parties that are our business partners may occasionally be included.

You can also stop receiving our promotional emails through the corresponding request, which will be available on the page .mx or to the email: [email protected]

In the case of the use of cookies, the "help" button found on the toolbar of most browsers will teach you how you can avoid accepting new cookies, and also how to make your browser notify you each time you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.


SELANUSA will implement the necessary techniques for the protection of user information. The information will be secured by assigning it a personal identification number, to which only the user will have access.

Once the data is received, we will do everything possible to safeguard its security in our systems.

The website uses the SSL security padlock to protect user information.


ARCO Rights are the set of actions through which a natural person can exercise control over their personal data. They can only be exercised by the owner of the data, by their legal representative or by an accredited representative, so that SELANUSA may deny these rights when the request is made by a person other than the owner and it is not proven that they are acting on their behalf.

You have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data, as well as to oppose their treatment or revoke the consent that you have given us for this purpose, through the procedures. To know these procedures, as well as the requirements and deadlines, you can contact our Information Technology department; Through the email [email protected] or by calling 9179-8900.

Right of access

It is the right of the owner to obtain information on whether their own personal data is being processed, the purpose of the treatment that, where appropriate, is being carried out, as well as the information available on the origin of said data and communications carried out or planned for them.

Right of Rectification

It is the right of the owner to modify the data that prove to be inaccurate or incomplete.

Right of Cancellation

It is the right of the owner to have the data that turns out to be inappropriate or excessive be deleted.

Right of Opposition

It is the right of the owner to proceed when their data has been collected without consent and without any reason for it.

SELANUSA advises the user to update their data each time they undergo any modification, as this will allow us to provide a more personalized service.

All requests for ARCO rights must contain the following information:

  • Name of the owner of the personal data and address or other means to communicate the response to your request
  • Documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the personality of the representative
  • The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which it is sought to exercise any of the rights
  • Any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data.

Requests for rectification must indicate, in addition to the above, the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports the correction or update of personal data.

SELANUSA has a maximum period of 20 business days counted from the date the request was received, to inform the owner if it was proceeded or not; this process can be extended only once.

In the event that the owner's request has proceeded, SELANUSA will have a maximum period of 15 business days to grant them access to their personal information, carry out its rectification, carry out the necessary steps to cancel personal data or terminate the use of the same. This process can be extended only once.

Upon receiving the request for ARCO rights from the owner, SELANUSA by email [email protected] will deliver an acknowledgment of receipt where The date of the application submitted and the date of receipt will appear.

The ARCO rights are exercised free of charge, the owner will only have to cover the costs of sending the information or its reproduction.

ARCO rights can be denied when

  • The applicant is not the owner of the personal data, or the representative is not duly accredited for it
  • In SELANUSA's database the owner's personal data is not found
  • The rights of a third party are violated
  • There is a legal impediment or resolution of a competent authority that restricts the rectification, cancellation or opposition of the same
  • The rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously made.


Likewise, we inform you that your personal data will be processed simply for statistical, promotional and improvement purposes, it will be used to receive purchase orders and to send orders and to send information in SELANUSA newsletters (e-Newsletter), its data will not be transferred under any reason or circumstance to third parties.


The owner can go to the INAI (National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data) in case their right to data protection has been violated.


SELANUSA reserves the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, in order to attend to new legislation or jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products and market practices.

These modifications will be available to the public through our Internet page , in the privacy notice section or we will forward them to the last email you provided.


This Confidentiality / Privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the SELANUSA website described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the User and SELANUSA.

If you use the services of , it means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth above.

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